"Who Died and Made you Pope? Peter, the Pope and all that Pomp"

Past Web Lecture on February 22nd

with Gregory DiPippo

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If there is one thing above all else that has made Rome a place of pilgrimage and a holy city, it is without question the tomb of the Apostle St Peter, whom the Church holds to be the city’s first bishop and the first Pope.

For many centuries, the Popes were not only the spiritual rulers of the Eternal City, but also its civil rulers, and to a very large degree, it is to them that we owe both the preservation of Rome’s ancient heritage, and the glorious of the city as we know it today.

Our next talk in the “Keys to Religious Rome” series will discuss aspects of the history of the Papacy, both as the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church, and the leader in making Rome one of the most beautiful and admired cities in the world.

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Gregory DiPippo

hails from providence Rhode Island and has lived in Rome for almost 30 years. He is an expert in Catholic history and liturgy and senior editor of the New Liturgical Movement. He is fluent in Latin and Greek and his prodigious memory never fails to wow all who know him. Greg does tours of the Jewish catacombs, In depth St peter’s tours and tours of all the major religious sites in Rome.