The MGR Kids Series will be every Monday from May 31st to June 28th at 11:30 am ET (5:30pm Italy).

The Lectures are 5$ each!


Discover the Beginnings of Rome

Monday May 31st at 11.30am ET take your kids to discover the Origins of Rome with Liz Lev. Discover the truth about the legend of Romulus and Remus and the She-Wolf.

Lions, Tigers and... Ostriches?!

Meet the Beasts of the Colosseum

Monday June 7th take your kids to discover the marvels of the Colosseum with Richard Bowen. Discover the gladiators, the battle, and the exotic animals.

Splish Splash don't Take a Bath!

Let's Visit the Trevi Fountain

Monday June 14th take your kids to explore the richest fountain in Rome with Liz Lev. Learn about the superstition and why people throw coins into the fountain.

The Angel's Castle!

Explore the Curiosities of Castel Sant'Angelo

Monday June 21st take your kids to discover the Pope's Fortress with Richard Bowen. Discover this tomb, which turned into a prison and then into a Castle.

From the Walls of Troy to Michelangelo!

Discover the Mythological Story of the Laocoon.

Monday June 28th take your kids to discover the legend of the Lacoon with Liz Lev. Discover the legend of Greek mythology which inspired the Sistine Chapel.