"What's Not to Love About Mary?

Rome's Devotion to the Blessed Virgin in Art"

Web Lecture on January 25th at 12pm ET with Gregory DiPippo

Come and Discover:


the history of the devotion to the virgin Mary in Rome, from frescos, to basilicas to icons.

"From the very beginning, Christians have held the Virgin Mary in special reverence as the greatest of all the Saints, “incomparably more exalted than the angels”, in the words of the Byzantine liturgy.

This is especially evident in the capital of the Catholic world, Rome, which among its countless works that celebrate Her dignity as the Mother of God, boasts possession of the oldest painting of Her in existence, and the oldest church in the world dedicated to Her.

Join us for this exploration of some of the Eternal City’s most beautiful artistic and architectural monuments to Mary, and some of the history of how She has been represented over the centuries."

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Gregory DiPippo

hails from providence Rhode Island and has lived in Rome for almost 30 years. He is an expert in Catholic history and liturgy and senior editor of the New Liturgical Movement. He is fluent in Latin and Greek and his prodigious memory never fails to wow all who know him. Greg does tours of the Jewish catacombs, In depth St peter’s tours and tours of all the major religious sites in Rome.