"The Tomb of St Peter's -

Where it all Began"

Passed Web Lecture on October 21st

at 3pm ET with Gregory DiPippo

Come and Discover:


 Discover the Vatican Necropolis with Gregory DiPippo.

Uncover the secrets that are buried underneath St Peter’s Basilica, which dates back to Ancient Rome, and discover whether St. Peter is really buried there

The Vatican sponsored the “Scavi” between 1940 and 1949, under the request of Pope Pius XI. The dig revealed a great part of the Necropolis that dates back to Imperial Times.

This Necropolis is not part of the Catacombs of Rome but an open-air cemetery with tombs and mausoleums.

In accordance with Roman law it was forbidden to bury the dead within the city walls that is why it is located on the southern slope of the Vatican Hill, near the Circus of Caligula.

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Gregory DiPippo

hails from providence Rhode Island and has lived in Rome for almost 30 years. He is an expert in Catholic history and liturgy and senior editor of the New Liturgical Movement. He is fluent in Latin and Greek and his prodigious memory never fails to wow all who know him. Greg does tours of the Jewish catacombs, In depth St peter’s tours and tours of all the major religious sites in Rome.