"Through the Eye of the Pantheon"

Web Lecture on May 5th at 3pm ET (9pm Italy) with Antje Wolf

Come and Discover:


The Pantheon, the only surviving monument of ancient Roman times. Discover its complex history, the secrets of its brilliant construction and the beauty.

Find Out how this majestic monument changes its identity from a temple to a church and how it survived through the centuries to modern times.

It is also the resting place of the amazing renaissance painter Raphael .

Learn how a building in itself can communicate centuries of history without saying a word.

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Antje Wolf

I have seen the ruins of Rome, the Vatican, St. Peter’s and all the miracles of ancient and modern art contained in the majestic city. The impression of it exceeds anything I have ever experienced in my travels...” (Percy Bysshe Shelley) Antje uses these words to explain her love for the Eternal City and why she has lived here since 1988. She studied history and art history at the first Roman university ‘La Sapienza’ and is an official art guide in the Vatican, Rome and all Italy.

She specializes in guided tours for children and she loves to share the unique beauty, variety and culture of the “Bel Paese” with visitors ! Antje has a special itinerary she has designed of the Appian Way as well.