"The Hot & the Not in Roman Times - Beauty and Fashion in Ancient Rome"

Past Live Lecture on October 25th 2021 with Livia Galante

Come and Discover:


the variety of cosmetics and hairstyles the Romans were fond of. Learn recipes for makeup and facial creams, tools to curl the hair, jewels.

Discover how fashion changed in the different periods and how the hairstyle of an ancient Roman portrait can help archaeologists to date it quite precisely.

It will be possible to investigate the different type of clothing and how much the same garment changed its style through the centuries.

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Livia Galante

is known around town as the “Queen of Ostia” having bowled over princes, prelates, politicians and people with her love and knowledge of the ancient site. Livia has her Doctorate in archeology from La Sapienza and is exceptional at making the ancient stones come to life and recount the stories of the ancients who tread on them, the technique of the engineers who laid them and the world that circulated around them. She describes herself as, “Italian by birth, Archaeologist by education, and Tour Guide by a passion to share beauty”!.