"Building an Empire: the Wonders of Roman Technology"

Past Web Lecture on June 2nd with Livia Galante.

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The Romans were phenomenal builders and skilled civil engineers, and their thriving civilization produced advances in technology, culture and architecture that remained unsurpassed for centuries.

Roads, Aqueducts, Sewers, Massive Buildings with Daring domes still standing after more than 2000 years…

This seminar aims to explore the impressive accomplishment the Romans achieved.

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Livia Galante

is known around town as the “Queen of Ostia” having bowled over princes, prelates, politicians and people with her love and knowledge of the ancient site. Livia has her Doctorate in archeology from La Sapienza and is exceptional at making the ancient stones come to life and recount the stories of the ancients who tread on them, the technique of the engineers who laid them and the world that circulated around them. She describes herself as, “Italian by birth, Archaeologist by education, and Tour Guide by a passion to share beauty”!