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Edmonia Lewis, the first African/Native American Female Sculptor

Passed Web Lecture on 09/02/2020 with Liz Lev

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The 19th century saw a tsunami of American sculptors flood into Rome looking for inspiration and fame. Among them were several women, mostly from prosperous New England families with enough personal wealth to indulge their artistic pursuits.

Then there was Edmonia Lewis.

From her extraordinary roots traveling with her Native American relatives, to her battles against racial prejudice, this determined artist found her way to Rome and a spectacular career during the reign of Pope Pius IX.

Hear the breathtaking story of Edmonia Lewis, see her amazing works documenting the first years of Emancipation, and feel pride at seeing how passionate determination, raw talent, persistent faith and a few great people who truly believed in equality carved this astounding career out of the hard stone of racism.

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