"Aqua Felix:

The Happy Water of Rome"

Past Web Lecture on December 9th with Ludovica Schmidt

Come and Discover:


After the restoration of the aqueduct of the Virgo water in 1570, the benefit of running water in the center of Rome was before everyone’s eyes.

It was unthinkable that the rest of Rome would remain without.

Pope Gregory XIII and his technicians started to plan the introduction of more water and that implied the restoration of another ancient Roman aqueduct. It will be the task of the pope Sixtus V, elected in 1585, to start and conduct the enterprise. His birth name was Felice, that in Italian means "happy-glad". That's why  the new aqueduct was named after his first name “AQUA FELIX". From 1587 onwards, the "happy water" flow begun to irrigate the many Roman squares and locations through its fountains. We will follow its itinerary as still today we can drink, refresh ourselves and rejoice at their sight and sound.

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Ludovica Schmidt

Ludovica was born in Rome and fell in love with her native town in small steps. That is why she loves walking around in small steps and focus also on minor aspects of it such as inscriptions, sacred images, fountains... What usually happens is that a small or less known aspect of Rome pushes her literally to start a detective search because what she really likes, in fact, is studying. She has another passion, though, and that is music: she passed her piano diploma in 1992 and spent several years teaching music. That is why she is particularly attracted by the sound of the Roman waters, the many fountains, the river Tiber and she invites you to follow her if you want to take a tour off the beaten paths, walking in the Roman streets as well as entering in some of the several churches and basilicas of Rome, incredibly beautiful and rich in history. Roma, non basta una vita! Rome, a lifetime is not enough!