"Caravaggio’s Fashion & Fabrics"

Passed Web Lecture on 07/29/2020 with Sara Magister

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Today Milan is synonymous with fashion and design, producing clothes and accessories coveted the world over. What most don’t realize is that from armor to silk, the capitol of Lombardy has long been a center for luxury goods and textiles. So it should come as no surprise that Caravaggio, the celebrated painter born in this great fashion district developed an impressive talent and sensitivity in rendering the fashion trends and of the most precious fabrics of his time with his brush.

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Sara Magister will show you what was “hot” and what was “not” in 17th century Italy. Learn how the Master of Shadows used stunning garbs and polished materials to add a deeper symbolic and social meaning to the figures he represented. Great art, spectacular outfits and a colorful cast, this lecture is even better than the Oscars!

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