Francesca Barberini

My name is Francesca Barberini, I was born and raised in Rome city where I live with my husband and tree daughters. I am an art historian, graduated from the University of Rom La Sapienza, I then focused my research interests on art in Rome in the 17th century and in particular on the decorative arts and have published several essays and books.

After working for ten years in cultural heritage cataloging projects of liturgical objects preserved in several churches in Rome and central Italy, I started working as a Tour guide and obtained my Tour guide license in 2001.

I love showing people around my city, and I love talking about the history and art history in Rome.

I think Rome is a city that is full of surprises, and there is always something new to discover. Many hidden and less known sites: palaces, villas, churches, convents, and much more. these are the sites I enjoy sharing the most.

I love, and I am interested in art of every time but, must admit, I have a soft spot for the Baroque, and in particular the decorative arts, therefore I love Saint Peter’s Basilica, and the many churches and palaces that were built and decorated in the 17th century, It’s amazing to discover the details, and the many allegorical meanings that are hidden behind these spectacular Masterpieces!

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Sara Magister

As a native Roman and a master art historian, but also with a doctorate in classical antiquities, my curiosity and interests move from the ancient Roman art to mainly the Renaissance and the early Baroque periods.

Of the many articles and books that I published, the most successfull are on the antiquities collections in the Renaissance papal Rome and, more recently, on some very famous paintings made by Caravaggio in Rome (check my videos on MGR!).

I have always loved to share my passion for the art, beauty, history and also lifestyle of my country with the specialized but also with the general public, teaching for college programs in Rome, hosting programs on art for Italian television, working as a licensed tour guide of Rome and as a didactic consultant for the Vatican Museums.

Any serious historical research can be turned into fun, interesting insights for everybody!

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Livia Galante

My name is Livia Galante, I was born in Rome where I studied at La Sapienza university to become an archaeologist. I also have bachelor’s in History and Conservation of the Artistic Heritage from the University Roma 3, and I am an Authorized Guide of Rome since 2001.

I always loved to show guests the layers hidden beneath the ground: we can imagine Rome as a huge wedding cake with many layers, almost endless. This city is a constant surpeise in 2016, while building the foundation of a new department store, all of a sudden an entire Roman neighborhood and a stretch of an aqueduct remerged. Under the floor of a cinema reappeared a wealthy domus and a huge water cistern. Who knows what else there is yet to be discovered!

Just a stone’s throw from the Colosseum, strolling through the Palatine hill, it is possible to admire the true history of Rome, from the huts of Romulus to majestic buildings of Mussolini.

Having worked a few years as an archaeologist on the site at Ostia Antica, my heart beats faster when I visit this site, that was the ancient river harbor of Rome. I always suggest first time visitors to start with that venue because it is an entire Roman city, like Pompei, but much closer to Rome, only half an hour from the city. Planning a day there allows you to understand how a city was, where people lived, how thermal baths worked, and which gods were worshipped. Not far from Ostia there are other amazing areas to be explored, such as the necropolis of Portus and the extraordinary seaport built by Claudius and Trajan.

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Antje Wolf

Come imagine, learn, understand, dream, love, walk, touch, see, admire, listen, ask, speak, connect, remember, taste, eat, drink, enjoy ...

 ... orient yourself a little in the Eternal City and find your way through the countless historical layers of Rome, get an idea and connect the many atmospheres of the city.

It is my intent to communicate an historical sense by evoking people, places, sites, museums and streets that have made the history of Rome.

And I want to share my love for the Eternal City with visitors of all ages, I love to address children and young people, to arouse curiosity and questions, tell you about the heritage of the ancients, the very beginnings of Western Christianity, the world of the Vatican and about the first Jewish community in Europe.

Come and discover this beautiful microcosm!

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Ester Scoditti

Hello everybody,

It Is Ester here, you have never met me before because I usually write articles for the Masters.

I am an archaeologist and a topographer with studies and work experience relating mainly to the Roman and Medieval periods

I enjoy working in most of the archaeological sites although I have a fondness for the Colosseum, the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum for which I also wrote a short and easy guide many years ago.

Medieval archaeology is mostly churches, as the majority of the medieval ruins have been lost through the years. This is because archaeologists over the years considered medieval ruins too modern and insignificant compared to Ancient Roman ruins. The situation has changed a lot recently even though we do not have enough monuments to show for the period except for great selection of churches, which are exceptionally beautiful and interesting.

Recently I have also done quite a bit of research on the arrival of the Jews in Rome , we know where the stayed but we do not have their buildings anymore, because they were destroyed or buried beneath modern constructions.

When you come to Rome I will be very happy to share my knowledge with you! Vi Aspetto!

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Ludovica Schmidt

I was born in Rome studied at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and got a degree in History of Christianity.  I am a musician  as well: after obtaining my piano diploma in 1992,  I have been teaching piano and preparatory music courses in kindergarten and elementary schools for many years.

What I like most of all is to investigate the many layers of history that have been shaping Rome, and the lives of the numerous generations of my “inhabitants- ancestors”.

 I do have my favorite places: among the many Roman churches and basilicas, incredibly beautiful and rich in history, I cherish San Clemente and the Santi Quattro Coronati,  Santa Cecilia in Trastevere, Santa Sabina on the Aventine Hill; Santa Prassede and Santa Maria Maggiore; as for the different museums I always like  to start from the Capitoline or the Roman National Archeological Museum of Palazzo Massimo; last, but not least, I am very fond and prepared on the private Roman Galleries of palazzo Doria Pamphilj and Colonna.

In any case, I am full on enthusiasm as my aim is to contribute to making everybody fall in love with Rome and I am still learning every day through the wonder that I see mirrored in the eyes of each visitor whom I consider a guest of mine.

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