"Bread and Circuses: bringing the Colosseum to life"

Passed Web Lecture on 07/22/2020 with Richard Bowen

Come and Discover:


Panem et Circenses

Follow an expert historian, Richard Bowen as he takes you on a general overview of the history of the site that will look at the origins and development of the gladiatorial games in the ancient Roman world, and Rome itself.

The lecture will last an hour with 20 minutes of Q&A at the end.

Come and discover "Live" the construction of the stadium by the Flavian dynasty at the end of the first century AD, and highlight some of the amenities that the arena had such as its "retractable roof" and underground cages.

It will also look into the various kinds of spectacles and events that were held there throughout the centuries, the seating arrangements for the spectators, and some of the customs and terminology believed to have been common in Ancient Rome in regard to the amphitheatre.

The presentation will also address the question as to whether or not the Colosseum was ever flooded to allow for naval battles to take place.

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